The Representations & Warranties insurance market is experiencing tremendous growth due to a robust deal environment and an evolving insurance landscape. BlueChip concentrates on the U.S. middle market deal environment. We are typically engaged by buyers and sometimes sellers to underwrite the insurance risk presented by possible breaches of representations and warranties in a purchase agreement. BlueChip seeks a collaborative and transparent environment wherein we can work closely and efficiently with leading insurance brokers, law firms and their clients to underwrite the Transactional Risk policy.

Representations & Warranties insurance policies will often, subject to certain restrictions, cover breaches of the following representations and warranties:

  • Proper title to shares
  • Capitalization
  • Authority
  • Financial statements
  • Compliance with laws
  • Certain tax obligations
  • Employment laws
  • Employee benefits
  • Intellectual property
  • Environmental compliance

BlueChip will consider most industry classes. We recognize that the insurance underwriting process must not slow down the underlying merger or acquisition transaction. We move at deal speed, every time.