Transactional Risk Assessment

The Transactional Risk assessment market and the underlying mergers & acquisitions deal environment are evolving rapidly. The landscape is very competitive and certain industries are consolidating quickly. Buyers need to be flexible in structuring their bids and be in a position to close quickly when required.

BlueChip recognizes that insurance brokers and lawyers are increasingly faced with challenging deal structures where the “off the shelf” Transactional Risk products and underwriting approach won’t work.

So if you have a novel issue to deal with, call us. BlueChip has responded successfully in a number of cases with a coverage solution for the following Transactional Risk issues:

  • Smaller transaction values
  • No seller indemnity retention structures
  • Healthcare exposures
  • Interim breach concerns
  • Significant seller rollover
  • Minority investments

Each transaction is unique. We can’t always solve for all the issues, but we listen and respond quickly so you know what your options are.